to Mar 17

St. Paddy's Day Weekend!

Saturday, March 16

12- Noon St. Patrick’s Parade Downtown Holland

12:30-3PM Pub Crawl with Pipes/Drums in Downtown Holland

5PM - St. Adalberts Aid Society - Fifth Street Hall

6PM - Bud and Stanley’s Pub and Grub

6:30PM - Charlies’ Bar & Grille

7:15PM - Vitale’s of Comstock Park

8:15PM - Cottage Bar

8:40PM - One Trick Pony Grill & Taproom

10:00PM - Garage Bar and Grill

Sunday, March 17

1:30PM - One Trick Pony

4:30PM - Vitale’s of Comstock Park

5PM - Bud and Stanley’s

5:30PM - Cheers Restaurant

6:00PM - Charlies Bar & Grille

NOTE:::: The above times are approximates. We do our best to be on time but….it’s St. Paddy’s Day Weekend…….

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to Nov 23

Thanksgiving Break - No Practice

Take this week to enjoy time with family, friends, and your Pipes or Drums.

If you know a Piper or Drummer - tell them that you are thankful for them! It takes a very special kind of person to want to stand in a circle with pipers and drummers :) We need all the lovin’ we can get.

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