Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band Elect Officers for the Comming Year

The Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band held their annual AGM last night in their practice space. They had a full agenda including going over the successes of the past year, painting the course for next year, re-evaluating by-laws and of course, the officer elections. The voting ushered in 3 new faces while the the Pipe Major and Treasurer position remain the same. All positions where voted with a unanimous and enthusiastic “aye!”


Pipe Major: Fred Merritt

Treasurer: Pat Merritt

Secretary: Melanie Redman

Band Manager: Killian Smith

Quartermaster: Chris Leslie



Furthermore there was some other other changes in band leadership. The Maitner family, last year’s co-secretaries, have stepped down so that Mike Maitner can focus on his continuing duties as pipe sergant. Elizabeth Maitner will join Scott Schaw as they split the duties of drum sargent. 

The band is excited in the day after the meeting, looking forward to what 2019 has to offer. They are currently assembling the schedule and it will be made available to the public soon.  


Killian Smith